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Fresh Bay Leaves

Enjoy the fresh flavor of bay leaves and save money by buying them in the produce department.  Allow your bay leaves to air dry; don’t place in jar or they’ll mold.


Category: USDA Organic Herbs

In ancient Rome, garlands of fragrant Dill crowned the heads of returning war heroes. Dill was also believed to work as a charm against witches and evil spirits. To be effective, it was imperative to wear the dill around the neck so that it was near the heart.

  • Salmon salad with fresh dill.
  • Dandy dill dip.
  • Dilled potato salad with garlic aoli.
  • Potato soup with fresh dill.

  • Use to can pickles.
  • Use when grilling fish.
  • Chop and add to coleslaw or egg salad sandwiches.
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