HerbCo Hints

Chiffonade of Basil

To create a chiffonade of basil: Roll a basil leaf up from tip to stem, and cut along the short axis to create thin strips.

Raices Latinas

Raices Latinas, Spanish for "Latin roots", pays homage to Latino herbs, and the families that cook with them. Available exclusively through HerbCo Phoenix, these large 3 oz. bunches feature colorful tags that will spice up any produce department.
Manufacturer: HerbCo Phoenix

(Coriandrum sativum)

Cilantro is imported primarily from Morocco, Romania and Mexico. The leaves are hand-harvested about one month after sowing, usually by shearing the outer-most leaves. New growth commences within a few days from the center of the plant. Cilantro was one of the first-used herbs in recorded history, as well as one of the first spices to reach America.
Manufacturer: HerbCo Phoenix
(Dysphania ambosioides)

Epazote is a leafy vegetable common to Southern Mexico that is used in traditional Mexican cooking.  It is noted for its powerful fragrance, which has been described as having essences of mint, gasoline, and even bleach; however the aroma mellows considerably after cooking.  Epazote is used in black bean dishes, where it is boiled to extract flavor.
Manufacturer: HerbCo Phoenix

(Petroselinum crispum var. neapolitanum)

The leaves of Italian Parsley are divided into feather-like sections, and lay flat like celery leaves. The herb is also known as flat-leafed parsley. Italian parsley is a bi-annual herb in that the seeds are planted in the fall for harvest the following year. Part of parsley's allure is that the leaves can actually enhance the flavor of other herbs and aromatics.

Manufacturer: HerbCo Phoenix
Mentha spicata)

Mint has firm, deep green foliage, with a cool, refreshing taste sweet to the palate. Originally European in origin, spearmint can be found in many gardens throughout the United States. Its low growing form and rapidly spreading habit makes it a good, though invasive, ground cover.
Manufacturer: HerbCo Phoenix

(Origanum x majoricum)

Oregano has tender, light-green oval-shaped leaves with a spicier flavor than marjoram. Its square stem identifies it as a member of the mint family. Oregano's discovery by WWII GIs pushed its popularity past that of marjoram with surprising speed.

Manufacturer: HerbCo Phoenix

(Thymus vulgaris)

The thyme plant is bushy, with its many stems averaging 6-10 inches in length. The profusion of small, oval leaves are arranged in opposite pairs on each stem; rub those leaves to enjoy a sweet-spicy fragrance.