HerbCo Hints

Organic Compliance Testing
HerbCo was the first herb company in the United States to test herb suppliers for organic compliance.

Conventional Herbs

Manufacturer: HerbCo

Native to India, lemon grass can be grown in any hot, moist climate in sandy, well-drained soil. In the United States it is grown in Florida and California, but can be greenhouse grown anywhere with proper temperature and humidity. Because of its fibrous, sinewy structure, the lower bulb of the lemon grass is normally cut into small sections of stalk and "bruised" or crushed before adding to a dish.

Manufacturer: HerbCo

Kaffir lime leaves are native to Southeast Asia, and exhibit a ‘double leaf’ look not unlike an elongated figure-eight. Like most citrus leaves, they are dark green, smooth and glossy. While widely used in Thai cuisine, kaffir lime leaves are used in many Southeast Asian foods, and are often paired with lemon grass and ginger to form an Asian equivalent of the French mirepoix or Creole Holy Trinity.

Manufacturer: HerbCo
(Ocimum basilicum)

Basil has large, green fragrant leaves which can grow up to four inches. The color intensity of the leaves depends on the fertility of the soil, the richer the soil, the darker the color. It is a Mediterranean herb which thrives in warm nights and moist soil.