HerbCo Hints

Chiffonade of Basil

To create a chiffonade of basil: Roll a basil leaf up from tip to stem, and cut along the short axis to create thin strips.

Rocky Mountain Herbs

HerbCo is pleased to announce the launch of Rocky Mountain Herbs, located in Denver, Colorado.  Rocky Mountain Herbs provides retailers and wholesalers in the region with enhanced distribution and customer support. Retailers will appreciate our new EDI capability, as well as in-house staff for store visits and merchandising support. All will appreciate excellent cold chain management; third-party food safety audits; and passionate detail to product quality.

In May of 2011, we moved into our spacious new facility, located in north Denver.  With triple the production and cooler space of our previous facility, we are truly poised to serve the entire Rocky Mountain region.

We’re proud to announce a contract growing arrangement with Isabelle Farm, of Lafayette, CO.  This family-run, Certified Organic farm covers over 70 acres, and is one of the area’s premier growers of over 80 varieties of produce. In addition to being passionate growers, they sell produce through their on-farm Farm Stand; through their CSA Farm Share Program, and to selected restaurants and retailers.  We received our first harvest of beautiful dill in late May and can’t wait for more!

We're passionate about product quality.