HerbCo Hints

An Herb Medley
Consider drenching your favorite roast, poultry, fish or ham with a medley of herbs to enhance the natural flavors.

HerbCo Expands Hawaiian Farm System

Not surprisingly, fresh herb plants thrive in the Hawaiian islands for the same reasons humans love to visit there: warm, but not too hot days and nights; little monthly variation in climate, and great sandy beaches for snorkeling – ok, maybe we’re stretching it there. Capitalizing on the success of our Waianae farm on Oahu, we’ve leased acreage on the south side of the Garden Isle of Kauai.  Located just outside of Poipu, this 7 acre parcel is growing certified organic basil, rosemary, sage, tarragon and mint. So far, the rich Hawaiian soil has blessed us with excellent quality product and impressive yields to the point that an additional 5 acres is being prepared for production.  It’s no surprise that of all the HerbCo Farms, this one receives more HerbCo staff visit requests by far!