HerbCo Hints

Fresh Bay Leaves

Enjoy the fresh flavor of bay leaves and save money by buying them in the produce department.  Allow your bay leaves to air dry; don’t place in jar or they’ll mold.

Food Safety


You may have heard of these acronyms that are becoming increasingly important in our quest for better food safety. But what do these terms mean?

GAP, or Good Agricultural Practices, focuses on the four basic components of production: soil, water, hands, and surfaces. By developing guidelines to address potential risks associated with each of these components, both the quality and safety of harvested produce can be enhanced.

GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practices, is the cornerstone of food quality and safety. GMP includes a food safety plan that incorporates water, product and facility testing.

HACCP, or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, is a systematic seven step process that identifies “Critical Control Points” in the production process—and seeks to eliminate the risk posed at those points.

Every HerbCo partner implements all three processes - GMP, GAP and HACCP - in its day to day operations.

Generation Farms is pleased to announce that in 2010 it is the first HerbCo farm to pass the stringent GFS series of Packing House, GAP and Harvest Crew audits. These three audits are designed to review, respectively, best practices in the packing facility; at the farm level; and for the crews that harvest product on the farm. The GFSI, or Global Food Safety Initiative, strives to establish a strict portfolio of food safety standards that would be globally recognized and respected by major food retailers and certification authorities.  GFS audits are more exhaustive than traditional audits, and delve into more details on record keeping; additional detailed inspections and follow up of facilities and field operations; supplier monitoring; and product testing.

GFSI is gaining traction in the United States, and is being adopted by various major retailers.  As a result, all HerbCo packing facility locations will become GFS certified by 2012 year end.